Wednesday, March 9, 2011

D&D WOOT! part duo

Pretty much the same as sunday night, worked on characters, made jokes of a sexual nature and ect. Before we left we watched some of firefly, which is still epic by all means and if you haven't watched it you should. Other then that it was a fairly normal night for our friends, keywords being for our friends lol.

Other then that not a whole lot to say so guessing I will stop going on now.
Cya for now
The bird

Monday, March 7, 2011


Went to a friend's house last night to make d&d characters and besides the fact of having to try to teach and/or reteach 4 other people how to make characters when I myself am still regetting used to it, it was a blast. Trying to deal with 4 people was crazy and we didn't get done, finishing up tomorrow, but it was still great fun just can't wait till we actually start playing.

With our friends this d&d campaign is going to be....interesting!?!  We are already making bets on which character gets raped first lol. Doesn't help that they now know I have four pdf d&d books on just sex, they have classes, feat and much more, like STDs and chance of pregnancy. Lol like I said is going to be interesting campaign lol.

Well that is all for now, will probally have more after tomorrows continued character creation session. Might even try to take some picture of the group of misfits. Haha

Cya for now.
The bird