Friday, November 11, 2011

New commenting system

So i have decided to implant a new comment system here on blogger. The default commenting system is highly limiting and it started to bug me. After stumbling onto a way to add disqus to blogger i decided to jump on to opportunity and have add it. While you can use Disqus as a guest, does require a email though, it is not hard to make an account and will make the commenting section that much better. They give you a lot of ways to make an account as well. Such as making an native Disqus account or making one with Google, twitter or  your Facebook account.

Disqus adds a lot of functionally the normal comments just don't have. The most important one is being able to reply to comments and have it actually create comment trees and along with that comes comment notifications. Which not having has always bug the living hell out of me.

I think everything will go smoothly but if something wacky does happen this is probably why, and i will try to fix it as soon as possible.


Edit: Seems like it takes a bit for comments to show up, or well i am hoping that is all that is going on. I will see if that can be fixed or not. If comments don't show up right away or soon after it kinda kills this whole thing.

Edit: Now they are showing up right away. Maybe it just at first which i can deal with.It also seems i cant reply to myself here while odd, since i can other places, doesn't affect me much. So all looks good right now.

Edit: (Should be the last one lol) Disqus isn't working on the mobile site and is using the default comments. If you comment on the mobile site the comments wont show up on the normal site. So try not to comment on teh mobile site if you can. Why isn't it working you ask? Well after digging into the internet ( serching google for 5 secs) looks like Google disables widgets, what disqus uses,thus it not showing up. I found a few people saying this is being worked on and when it gets fixed it should fix itself on my end. So here to hoping it gets fixed soon.