Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Doctor jizzed his pants.

Well here you go, jizz in my pants, done by The Doctor. It is actually really well made too. The scenes fit really well with the music.

Link to YouTube just in case it doesn't work .... and credit i guess lol

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Oh movie, how ridiculous you are.

pop quiz time children!
So what should you do right after excapeing from the kgb, who has already tracked you all across the state by the wonders of "hacking"* and You are now hiding/riding on a train with a (admittedly fairly hot) women, who the kgb want dead for some reason. 

A: bunker down and load up on guns and wait to fight it out.
B: load up on guns and take the fight to them.
C: have angry sex (at least at first but then it becomes the sweet kind with sappy music)** with said female because It is not like the KGB will track you down ... like they very have before....every damn time.

and the correct answer is C of course. You Always have angry sex while being chased by a hit squad bent on killing the women you are with, and you by association. That is always the best course of action...always. Then again if you do least you had sex one last time..right????  Shrugs, oh the wonders of movies.

* the hollywood kinda of hacking were everything is connected not only to other computers but the internet as a whole.

** you know just like every hollywood angry sex scene. It is angry to sappy sweet with cheesy music in 5 seconds.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

The pen might be mightier then the sword, but it can't beat the railgun.

So if you pay attention to tech stories at all, and knowing the people who will/might read this i know you don't, you know that in the world of tech, mostly in the phone market, the saying is sue first, ask questions later. The likes of Apple, HTC, Samsung, Microsoft, and many others are suing the crap out of each other. Mostly Apple suing HTC, Samsung, Motorola, ect and then them counter suing but still. the suing is getting crazy, making Google go so far to buy Motorola to get their 17000+ patents they currently have, for 12.5 billion dollars. Yes i did say billion. Anyways the reason i am telling you this is to get you up to date, so i can lead into what i really wanted to talk about.

Joining the fray of the sue happy is Bethesda. If you know know who Bethesda is they are the creators of the likes of Morriwind, Oblivion and soon to be released Skyrim, among many others, like quake and doom. Who are they suing you ask? They are suing Markus "Notch" Persson, the man behind Minecraft and head of Mojang. Notch has a new game in the works called Scrolls, a card based game, to my understanding. it is kinda like Magic the Gathering or Pokemon but for the computer, or possible the phone. Bethesda thinks Scrolls infringes on their name "the elder scrolls". Many people find this kinda crazy however, since for one, hardly any one calls it the elder scrolls and simply it second name, like Oblivion or Skyrim. Then second, because  "scrolls" is nothing like "The elder scrolls". If it was the accident scrolls, ok maybe. But just the one word should not be a trademark infringement. Then thrid, the game are nothing a like either. One is a RPG and the other is a card based game. If they were both RPGs even, maybe i would understand, but it is not.

However because of this, scrolls has got a bit of media, mostly tech blogs. Notch being the brilliant man he is has turned a bit of news and a potentially costly lawsuit into a thing of genius. He has come out and challenged Bethesda to a game of quake 3 deathmatch. A two round, 3 on 3 Quake 3 arena deathmatch, highest frag count wins. With each side picking a map to play on, so to be fair. If Notch wins, he keeps the name and they drop the suit, if Bethesda wins Notch will change his name, with no costly suit for either side. This is a beyond genius move. The likelihood of Bethesda agreeing is probably slim. However, if they did the PR, for both Notch and Bethesda, would be off the charts amazing, no matter who wins. It could even be live streamed so anyone could watch it. If Bethesda doesn't agree to this however, it is still a good move for Notch. He gets the support of thousands of people and gets his game out there in the news. He would be the bigger man, that a big bad company is trying to squish, more so then the image is already there. Even if he backs down and changes his name, or takes the case to court and loses, that is all going to be covered and is more about his game, with its new name as well. Or if he wins, it is a triumph for the little guy, or so it will be reported, and his game will still be put out in the news. Either way Notch wins in a PR move,  it is only a matter of how Bethesda comes out of this looking. They have a chance to take an amazing PR move and run with it.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Lollipop Chainsaw, That is all!

Yes what you just saw, that is if you watched the video, if you didn't shame on you, is a very real game coming in 2012. Oddly enough i want to play it a lot, which has nothing to do with half a dressed cheerleader wielding a chainsaw either....mostly. It honestly just looks like a fun zombie game, what i have seen makes it seem even parody-ish of a zombie game. Also come on you know you loved that the last zombie POPed open and it had rainbow blood. Whether that is a feature in the game, it so should be if not, or just artist licensing in the trailer is yet to be seen. I also happen to love their song choose, not so much for the song itself though. It just seemed to work with that whole sweet and innocent but zombie game vibe(aka kinda zombie game parody-ish like i said).

Well that is all for today i guess. Hope you enjoyed Lollipop chainsaw

Sunday, August 14, 2011

entitlement = socialism but only when it is not directly effecting me!

So a couple a days ago gawker posted this article about Fox news anchor Megyn ( wtf kinda spelling is that, anyways) Kelly, defending maternity leave, her maternity leave to be exact. I had mixed emotions with this though because, logically i agree with what she is saying, and the dude was kinda a douche, but what she said just didn't sit right with me. So now that it affected her directly her maternity leave is great and wonderful and so not socialism ideas. Here is some of what she says, including some very socialistic ideas. Oh, and she tears down the douche pretty good.
MK: Just in case you didn't know, Mike, I want you to know that the United States is the only country in the advanced world that doesn't require paid maternity leave. Now I happen to work for a nice employer that gave me paid leave. But the United States is the only advanced country that doesn't require paid leave. If anything, the United States is in the dark ages when it comes to maternity leave. And what is it about carrying a baby for nine months, that you don't think deserves a few months off so bonding and recovery can take place, hmm?

MG: Well, do men get maternity leaves?
MK: Guess what honey? Yes, they do. It's called Family Medical Leave Act. If men would like to take three months off to take care of their newborn baby, they can.

Ok see, what she says is logical and makes sense and i agree with her, which is odd to agree with someone from Fox, lol.. It is true that The United States doesn't require paid leave, unlike other "advanced" countries. The problem i have with her saying this though is she works for fucking Fox News! I had the urge to scream at her that you know what these other "advanced" countries have that we America doesn't have? A Socialist government! And Fox loves to rail against socialist...well anything, as well as accuse Obama of being for such a government. I am sure i could find past videos of megyn herself, complaining about these entitlements, and many others. Though, I figured I would just let Jon Stewart do it for me, and he sums up the whole "entitlement = socialism but only when it is not directly effecting me" bullshit too, quite nicely if i might add with a George Carlin video. Enjoy! The good part starts about 50 seconds in.
PS. He also shows a nice clip of her railing against, the mentioned family medical leave act. Saying the it called "MAternity" leave for a reason, implying it should just be for mothers.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

just wow on the name choice

Just not sure what to say about this. There are so many jokes, i am speechless. LOL.

So do you want a pussy energy drink? lol

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

dicks in MMORPG games.

This just cracked me up after reading a article about dicks in MMORPG games. This si the number one dick move and i have to admit, it is a brilliant dick move at least. LOL read and i hope you find it as funny as i did. the link to the full article will be at the bottom.
 The Ultimate Investment Scam (EVE)

Player "Cally" won at EVE Online despite it being a massively multiplayer game with no victory condition. Other players earn ISK (game currency) by mining, completing quests or killing each other. Cally, on the other hand, simply asked for it. And it worked, and there was nothing they could do about it. Because while the other losers went into the economy as honest workers, or corporations, he realized he could go in as a bank.
The novice mode for illegal profiteering.
He spent months running the "EVE Intergalactic Bank (EIB)." This offered loans for start-up EVE corporations and miners who wanted to buy tools, with interest rates and repayment plans and yes, we're still talking about a game people apparently play for fun.

Move over Pac-Man!
Cally certainly had fun: He fulfilled the secret fantasy of every bank manager in history, when one day, he walked in and just took all the money. All the money was 790 billion ISK, about $170,000 in real dollars, which he used to become the greatest video game villain of all time. He spent a huge chunk of the money to buy a ridiculously powerful warship, another chunk posting a huge bounty on his own head, then sailed off into space just daring people to kill him.

Something like this -- the biggest middle finger in history.
The ultimate dickery? He posted a 15-minute video bragging about how he got away with it, mocking his loyal employees at EIB, enemies who failed to stop him and the suckers who basically paid for a second job -- essentially paying for the right to have their money stolen. Understand: Cally is now officially smarter than every Bond villain put together, because he found a way to give an expository monologue without getting killed.

This is all. Enjoy and luagh, LUAGH i said!

If MMORPG players were around when God said, "Let their be light" they'd have called the light gay, and plunged the universe back into darkness by squatting their nutsacks over it.