Sunday, August 28, 2011

Oh movie, how ridiculous you are.

pop quiz time children!
So what should you do right after excapeing from the kgb, who has already tracked you all across the state by the wonders of "hacking"* and You are now hiding/riding on a train with a (admittedly fairly hot) women, who the kgb want dead for some reason. 

A: bunker down and load up on guns and wait to fight it out.
B: load up on guns and take the fight to them.
C: have angry sex (at least at first but then it becomes the sweet kind with sappy music)** with said female because It is not like the KGB will track you down ... like they very have before....every damn time.

and the correct answer is C of course. You Always have angry sex while being chased by a hit squad bent on killing the women you are with, and you by association. That is always the best course of action...always. Then again if you do least you had sex one last time..right????  Shrugs, oh the wonders of movies.

* the hollywood kinda of hacking were everything is connected not only to other computers but the internet as a whole.

** you know just like every hollywood angry sex scene. It is angry to sappy sweet with cheesy music in 5 seconds.

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