Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Adventures of Beef Thompson: Vampire Hunter

So one of my favorite Nerdcore rappers, beefy... just don't you dare call him MC, has just dropped a new album. You all should pick it up, right now! As usual he brings the nerd hotness with this new release with great new songs like, god hates fangs and too good for me, among many others. While the album is free, a name your price feature is also active so you can throw in however much you think the album is worth. Which if you like the album at all and can afford it i suggest you do. Got to support the artist and what they love to do after all.

I have been listening to the whole album on repeat since it dropped and got to say i love almost every song on it. My favorites probably being god hates fangs, too good for me, Shots [f. Adam Warrock] and nerdcore-now. They all have something special about them though, like PAXXX which i thought was a strange song at first but is actually a song about a posting that was found for an orgy at pax on Craigslist. After that the song became funny as hell if not still strange. haha. From beefy's own words about the song
A couple years ago during the lead up to PAX Prime, it was discovered that there was an invite on craigslist to an orgy for PAX attendees (kotaku, joystiq). I thought it was only right to represent for these bold champions and discuss my future PAXXX plans.
Where as God hate fangs is an amazing song inspired by true blood. So what not to like?
I'm a fan of True Blood. It is easily the biggest guilty pleasure show I watch, but I care not. I eagerly await each and every episode. This is my ode to the Southern Vampire Mysteries.
I could go on for ever talking about each song but i think you need to discovers them for yourself so go and download the album and donate some if you can.


the adventures of Beef Thompson: vampire hunter
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    Also, this made my day. =)

  2. I figured you would. Took you long enough to check here and download the album though.