Saturday, February 19, 2011

Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla, histories must forgotten badass. Enough said really. Edison can suck it, and history book really need to be rewritten to include more about tesla. Without Tesla and his inventions, we wouldn't have much, if not all, the things we are used to. Like AC current, and many other things. Even the newer, more energy efficient lightbulbs are based on an inventions of telsa. I hoestly suggest you go read up more on telsa. The man was a brilliant inventor. Much better then edison, who was kinda an ass based on how he treated telsa. Also did edison ever have plans for a death ray? I think not! haha. But no really go read more about telsa, he could be called the father of much of what we have today. It is really crazy what he either invented, helped invent, is based on his work, or actually had ideas about before someone else invented. He theorised that you could pinpoint something based off radio waves bouncing off its surface 17 years before radar was invented. He really is histories most forgotten badass. Help change that, go learn about Nikola Tesla and his legacy.

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