Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ugh well this was a longer post but the app crashed and lost it all

Meh I had quite a bit written, but since I am writing on my evo I am using the blogger app which just crashed on me.
I was talking about how it is 2am and I can't sleep and watching tv, but I don't feel like typing every thing out again. One thing I would like to rant about again though is. As I sit here watching some music videos on mtv, which I don't normally watch, I am of more cartoon network/adult swim guy myself, I find it sad that the only time to really watch music video on mtv anymore is late at night/early morning. I know it been this way for a while but when exactly did the m in mtv go from music to money? Then to make it worse they made mtv2 which you have to pay for, I think, to get music. Unless they have changed that too. Man how much I would like a station that just played music videos. Not just popular main stream artist either, give me some new underground artist that I would other wise have to use the internet to find. Now that would be great.
Ok well my phone is dying so I need to go now. Will try to keep writing on a simi regular basis.
Peace out
The bird

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