Saturday, May 28, 2011

Don't have friends!

Don't have friends, for they make you help them move. Lol. I kid... kinda. Lol

Not much else is going on really. Though while helping my CO-DM help her family move, we did get some new campaign idea for both groups. Side quest for one, and actual campaign for the new group. Both are ganna be fun, especially the side quest for the current group.

Guess that is all for now, peace for now.
A birdkeeper


  1. Lol. I owe you one....

    And no that is not an offer.

    And I like both d&d ideas.

  2. We have been over this robyn , your opinions don't mater and now get back in the kitchen ^^

    now that, that joke is out of the way, lol, yeah both ideas are going to be fun.

  3. RUDE!!!!

    And We need to work on the D&D stuff soon...

  4. One day I hope to have her trained to know she belongs in the kitchen, Charles. But thank you for reminding her for me. =)

  5. Yes Robyn, we do need to work on D&D stuffs soons. Though i have enjoyed the break. haha

    I try to keep reminding her, but she seems reluctant to learn. lol

  6. I hate you both.... -looks for something to stab you all with-