Wednesday, May 25, 2011

It's been one of those kinda days

Ugh, it been one of those kinda days. If i smoked i would have been chain smoking.
It started out ok, got up a little before noon and went and hung out with a friend as we got ready for another friends graduation. But soon after, it just kept falling apart. We finally got it all worked out, ....kinda, just not to how we would have liked. It could have been so much better. O well, alls well that ends ok.

Afterwords though, me and my Co-DM, Witchy_Robyn, and a couple of other friends, along with our graduating friend. Came and just hung out in my basement and made a regular mess of the place, the good kind... well the fun kind anyways. There is now silly string all over the place, since we covered the graduate in silly string. I might upload a picture later if he doesn't mind. Other then that i guess we have now decided to start ANOTHER D&D group. Oh joy, lol i kid i am looking forward to it but me and my Co-DM, have to really get our shit together now. It should be a lot of fun though.I have no idea what our campain story is going to be about for this one.

The other D&D group is going pretty good still. I think we are playing again either tomorrow or day after that. Also thinking about adding some side quest to the story for a couple of different reason. I have some pretty cool idea for the side quest but i think i will wait till later to talk about any of them..... just in case. - looks around nervous- lol. Oh it also looks like the player is going to do the split personality after all. We are so exited about it.
It shal be a lot of fun to work with.

I think that is all for now, if i think of anything else i will update you on it
So Peace for now
A Birdkeeper. ( not The birdkeeper anymore since i am not alone ....-glares at Witchy_Robyn lol )

PS, I am sure this post is filled with misspellings and the wrong words, and horrible grammar. Forgive me i am writing this at 2:15 in the morning. Time to go pass out now.


  1. So... We actually like have to work at Dming and be decent Dms.... Oh shit, we will need lots of coffee and smokes (well for me at least).... This should be interesting.....

  2. yes yes we do need to be DMs and have to work at it lol. I know right, i am like damn how we going to do this lol.