Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Oh no, where have i been?

hmm, haven't posted in a while, opps.

Anyways, so what have i been up to? Not much really, still playing D&D with my crazy friends, though we haven't played in like 3 weeks, kinda itching to play again. Hopefully this Saturday we actually get to play. I am planing some crazy things for them, oh did i mention i was the DM for the D&D group? I cant remember if i did or not, well guess i am actually CO-DM, which is cool since we are both learning anyways. Anyways soon we will get to this one area that is going to need to be really detailed and have a lot of information about it. So i am thinking about maybe trying to cook up a 3D model of the area. I think it would be fun and something they wouldn't be expecting. We will see, either way the map of the area will have to be really detailed wither on paper or if i can cook something up the computer. It should be a lot of fun to both play and make it.

Outside of that, been working on my car again lately. Currently starting small and just trying to get new headlights. The problem with that though is it either requires me to find a junker in a salvage yard, to rip them out of, which will be hard to find. Or buy new headlights at 50 bucks a pop. That is $100 for both and to me that a lot of money. After that i need to see if i can find a battery tray thing for my car as well. Which new is 60 bucks as well. But i might be able to find a universal one for cheaper. After the headlight, i will either work on the dash, my lights on the inside don't work. Or figure out how water is leaking into my trunk. Though tonight i think i might of figured out where it getting in. Looks like it might be getting in right above the backup lights. So hopefully that is an easy fix. After those things i don't know what i will try to work on next. But for a complete car noob, i will be happy to just finish these things. Oh i almost forgot i will need to get a new radio/cd player as well. Since the one i had in the car was shit and didn't work most of the time and the one i was going to replace it with, which i rewired all the wires to do as well, is broken it seems. So that sucked but o well they where both old radios. Just a chance to get a new better one. I love my car even if it is a pain sometimes. Speaking of which here is a picture of it, with the dent in the side, from when my friend back into me. lol

Oh how I hate and love this car so much. haha

 Hmm, what else, oh i got banned from gizmodo today. One of their "writers" wrote an article today about blu e-cigs, and instead of just talking about the e-cigs, which have some social feature built in, they decided to instead piss everyone off. By being downright insulting to anyone who has ever smoke or has tried quitting. More so if you are using a e-cig to do it. I have never smoked but i know enough people who do or have that it pissed me off to and the short version is i basically told them to go fuck themselves. While i will kinda miss the ability to post comments on gizmodo, and lifehacker since they banned be on both sites, i honestly think it is better i leave a site who would let one of there writes be so out right disrespectful. Worst, from what i can understand this writer used to be really loved. I wounder if that will still be the same after today.  Guess i will need to be finding me a new home soon, maybe Engadget or Wired. We will see. I will probably still visit lifehacker some but probably not as much as i used to.

Well i guess that is all for now.
The Bird Keeper.


  1. Nice car. Do you still need the pieces for it?

  2. Thanks, and yeah i do. I haven't gotten around to looking for the parts yet.