Friday, June 10, 2011

D&D mad libs

So you remember the mad lib books, that made a small story? In my oh so tired state, I just got the brilliant idea of dnd mad libs....but instead of just replacing small bits. That you write everything down that is npc shit....and then fill in the rest with all the shit your players do. If you play long enough, you could have a pretty long book, of some fucked up shit. I know that this doesnt sound too off from just playing the game, which you just lost btw, becuase it isn't. You just have to keep very detailed records of everything that goes on. However, if you were to do this I wouldn't tell the players. They might try to fuck it up, and they will if they can. Granted it could make for some "intresting" stories and some fun breaking the 4th wall moments, as well. But no really, if the players know, your mostly everyone friendly story, quickly can turn into a triple X kinda book. From "sam and group save the world from the ugly monster" into "how sally and group......." You know I think I should just stop there. Rofl.

Ok, I think I am really out this time. Peace.
A -still really tired- birdkeeper


  1. I vote no... Our group has enough problems most likely without giving them this.....

    But I like the idea...

  2. Oh yeah, most deff no xD. We are also tp lazy to do this as well.