Thursday, June 9, 2011

So more then meh?

Fine, I will say more then just meh. Well what to say then..... Besides I hate people and they should all go die in a hole. >.>
No I am not angry at all, can't you tell. People are just,.... infuriating.. I guess I should actually say stupid people are infuriating. But, even with my limited time here, i find the majority of people stupid. There are just different degrees of stupid. Some are just more tolerable then others. And no, before you accuse me of being a hypocrite or something, I don't think I am immune to the disease of stupidity. I just try, maybe to varied success, to actually think before I act. Thus limiting my stupidity.

Also, no stupidity does not = dumb. At least to me, stupidity to me, is more about not caring and being lazy, and usually being kinda rude about it too, instead of even trying to figure out the answer, or to think about what you are complain about. Or thinking at all for that matter. Stupidity to me is the lack of caring about others, and only going after the instant gratification. Instead of taking one god damn second to figured out the damned fucking answer to your own damn fucking problem, that happens to be right in fucking front of you, if you even cared to look for one fucking second. So no, stupid does not equal dumb, not that you cant be dumb and stupid at the same time. Not that a stupid person, would ever admit to being dumb or stupid, for they are always right and you know nothing about anything at all. No to them you are the dumb one.

Stupid for me, defines the "Me Generation" we are in now. A generation that has taken hold of almost every other generation that came before it as well. It is the instant gratification, the not having to take responsibility for ones on action, the laziness, the self-righteousness, on every level not just the normal moral level, being rude, and all of the other qualities of the "Me Generation" rolled into a single word. Is it the best word? Probably not, but it is usually the word I come back to to describe these people. As I said, am I never one of these people? Maybe, maybe not, but at least I am aware of the stupidity, so I can actively try to change myself. Where others, I fear don't even notice it, or worse, don't care to notice it.

I could go into more details but I don't want to be very specific about what pissed me off, for various reasons. So just take my word when I say that, 1) I can never wait tables for a living ( not directly related just an observation) and 2) I need to stay away from the general public for a while, or i may smash someones head in. The funny part is, this blog was just going to be a general, hey how are you, long time no see, kinda post. But well I guess I needed to rant more.

Ok byes for now,I guess. In the meantime, be happier then I am.
A -pissed off- birdkeeper

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