Monday, June 13, 2011

Dear USA Record Labels:

Fuck you!

Now that, that is out of the way, please let me explain.
The music labels, the movie industry has there own problems as well, ar fucking dumb. The all you can eat, smash hit, music streaming service, in Europe, Spotify, has been trying to for a while to get across the pond. Think Netflix movie streaming but just for music. Great idea huh? A lot of people have thought so too, since it popular in Europe and tons of people have been asking for it here in America as well. But because of the record labels, it still isn't here. I understand they need to make money as well, i do however think they are outdated, but they would make more money by giving the customers what they want. I hear people all the time say, they quite pirating movies because of Netflix or they would if they catalog of streaming movies was bigger and they didn't rotate out movie. I, myself, am one of those heathen movie pirate converts as well. Why deal with the hassle of pirating when i can just stream shit. I am lazy and would rather pay the 8 bucks to stream then the hours it take to download one movie. For that 8 bucks, i also get to sort what i want to watch, and read rating and much more. But even now the movie industry is fight netflix tooth and nail all the way, the problem i talked about earlier with them. So why would we expect the music industry to handle this any better? Because they have kinda been thru this before with iTunes, and the many other digital music stores.

While not technically the same, you would think they would learn that what the customers want the customers get. Because otherwise you don't have any customers. As of right now, i think Spotify still needs one of the major labels, so it is getting close to being able to board it little boat and ride across that big pond. But why has it taken this long? Ok yeah the labels want to make sure they get paid, enough. But when free alternatives are about, not just straight out pirating either, why not get something out that gives you an income. I know they are like OMG UNLIMITED STREAMING HOW CAN WE HAVE THAT!!! However, even on my free Spotify account, that i had to do a work around to get since you can’t sign up for from the USA, i have a multitude of ads, both as banners, and voice ads, that are no worse then Pandora’s. Very easy to deal with, and if you upgrade to a paid version those go away and you get a bunch of other features as well. Though some of the ads are really funny, I want more UK inspired ads, lol.

So, now you are thinking, you are never going to buy music again right? Well actually since Spotify has a huge catalog of music, and the Spotify app is also a local music player, they actually tell you what music you you don't have and offer to sell you a copy of that song, or whole album if you want. There are songs i would have bought if they where able to accept USA credit cards. For now, however, they only take cards from the countries they are officially lunched in. I would have already upgrade to the premium offer as well if they would let me. Meaning they are actually losing money, ok well not really it is the UK labels and Spotify them self that are losing on me since it not technically here yet. But if they were to embrace the new digital word, granted they are getting close to, they would be making money off me, whatever their percent from the monthly fee is plus all the songs i would buy to finish a CD album, since I am slightly music OCD.

So yes fuck the music labels, they need to embrace new and emerging technically, not run from it in fear because their old model of doing business is falling part in front of them. This applies to the movie industry as well as many others as well. Go with the flow, and make your customers happy, and they will gladly pay you to do it, ok most will, some just like to steal shit but that can’t be helped, so please your paying customers, not punish them to try to hurt the small percent being dicks, which btw doesn’t work. Making us happy, makes you happy in the end. So i am hope everything is signed soon, so i can pay for premium service and for songs i like. But as it stand i will just keep listening to the UK version stuff. It is your call.

A happy birdkeeper using Spotify


  1. Umm kinda? At least it wasn't an angry (mostly) rant right? Lol