Wednesday, July 13, 2011

guess it been a while huh?

Hey people who don't read my blog. It has been awhile, even now i don't have alot to say but i will try to think of some stuff.

Well first off, i got me some new swords, when i get around to taking pictures i will probably upload them. With the new ones, 5 total, 2 being the same though, i have about 8 now. I will try to get some pictures up later i guess. I am sending trying to send a few back though, one for a refund and another for just a replacement. I emailed the company, lets see what they have to say. Hopefully all goes good and i get my refund and replacement. Other then that not much else going on in that area.

My sister has moved back home and she is already kinda bugging me, but i guess that is sisters. Hopefully, it is just her being back and i just have to re get used to it and all goes back to normal and what not soons.

umm what else, huh oh, i guess we are kinda close to playing dnd, after weeks and weeks, but not sure we are going to play in my house now so we kinda gotta find a new place again.

Now to wrap this up, i would like to post an image that both made me luagh and is very true. According to the bible this is what the holy sanction of  marriage is. Yet same-sex marriage, and many other types is a sin above all else. Hell even some of the things in this chart, is now a sin/illegal to many even though it was very clear it wasn't then. So they can't even get it all straight on what their bible say = marriage. lol. well that is all for now enjoy.

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