Monday, July 18, 2011

WTF Arkansas

So in my daily surfing of the intertubes, i came across an article about a small town in Arkansas, they only have about 850 citizens, where the city console has made a power play for, unconstitutional, right on who can gather and have groups. Who makes power plays in small ass towns, i mean really? Anyways,
"The city council of Gould, Arkansas just passed an ordinance that forbids "new organizations" from forming without their permission. This applies to any organization, from book groups to Justin Beiber Fan Club chapters—but especially applies to groups that like to talk local politics."
This is a blatant disrespect of the first amendment. However, Some have suggest that the amendments don't necessarily apply to local governments, with out a court saying so at least, but it is all a non issue because Arkansas STATE constitutions also granted the right to assemble. Meaning at the very least they are breaking the states constitution and possibly the federal one.

Because it's so squishy language-wise, the ordinance seems to forbid the 850 or so residents from discussing local politics in any way, anywhere.
This could be anything from talking about politics at the dinner table to talking about them with hair dresser. This is an insane thing to do and try to enforce. What kinda person tries to put this much control into their hands? Who is elected right now to city council? Neo- Nazi? Even ignoring the legality of this law, what kinda of asinine group think they have the right to control people, they supposedly represent, like this. But it gets so much better.
Meetings between citizens and the town mayor that take place without the council's authorization are now illegal as well.
 Want a meeting with the mayor after this becomes law? Well if the city council doesn't like it, you are shit out of luck. See the real power play now? They have effectively taking everything from the mayor. With this the city council now pretty much have control of the whole city. Want to talk to the mayor about a law that is being put in place by the city council, that you don't like? Well, now the same city council that is putting in the law, gets to decided if you get to talk to the mayor, who does still have veto power over new laws. If you can't talk to the mayor, the mayor doesnt know the concerns of his people, potentionally ( i mean there is only 850 of them after all lol ), and wouldn't know what to veto based on their concerns.

So speaking of the mayor, where is he in all of this? He is standing by his townsmen ( or should i be PC and say townspeople?), the major has actually vetoed the ordinance once, because it is unconstitutional, but fears at the next meeting, it will get the green-light from the council, who has already overrode his veto.
the mayor of Gould, Earnest Nash, vetoed the ordinance for reasons having to do with the U.S. Constitution, which mentions freedom of speech and the right of assembly somewhere. But the council overrode his veto, and will surely give the official green-light to their legislative masterpiece at their next meeting, scheduled for August.
 So what is the mayor plans now, that the council have overrode his veto? Will he lye down and let it happen? According to him, he is ready to fight tooth and nail for his town and their rights. He is ready to, both, fight them in court, which hopefully would be overturned quickly, or even go to jail fighting them.
Nash says he's willing to go to jail—or court, or both—to stop final passage of the ordinance, which even the Gould city attorney has deemed unlawful. (As a show of gratitude for the attorney's analysis, the council reportedly tried to fire him.)
Yes you read that right, after the city attorney disagreed with the council, they reportedly tired to fire him. It is plainly obvious that this council has gone insane with power. Why or how, i will never understand. I mean it fucking city council after all. I think there needs to be an investigation into them and most, if not all, impeached from office. Either way, i don't see any of them getting reelected, which is funny, because maybe this is what this whole thing is about. Trying to stay in office. Way to not be effective at all.

When reporters asked members of the council, what started all this, because you know something was the catalyst for this, it didn't come from no where. Members just said, that they didn't have the funding for the building that the Gould Citizens Advisory Council, where using. When question further about why this meant they couldn't still meet, at other location not funded by the city, and others could be formed. The council only said they thought this should be city protocol.

I am still flabbergasted by this, i still cant understand what the city council thinks they are doing, besides power plays and what not. Do they honestly believe they have the right to take other peoples rights away? I just don't get it really. However, i am glad to see the mayor is in the corner of the people of Gould, and the Constitution. I wish him luck in getting this overturned or not enacted at all, which i don't see being a problem, and getting his city back to normal.

I think you should head over to foxnew site and watch the full video with the interview with the mayor, to get the full scope of it all.

I guess this is all in my installment of, WHAT THE FUCK THE INTERNETS GOT TO SHOW ME.
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LINKS: ( lol fox news but it local fox news so it not so bad.... it could be a lot worse at least)

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