Friday, July 22, 2011

teenagers ( like up to 15 - 16 mostly ) and younger are whinny litle bitches

This link is a blog post in response to this question over at Google. Honestly, all i hear is crying, from mostly people 15 and under, because Google has decided to not let any one under 18 into Google+ as of right now, do to safety concerns. Do they really feel that entitled to everything on the internet? Also, to the ones upset that no one under 13 will be allowed at all, really? Do some fucking research, Google would get in a lot of trouble if they did. It is an American law, that wont let companies to keep data on anyone younger then 13, and they must abide by it. If you are younger then 13, wtf do you need a social networking site for anyways? Get your ass outside and play instead. You know i think they should keep it at 18+ and let all the whinny bitches go play on Facebook instead. If we get Facebook to block them as well, maybe we can end cyberbulling for these weak little shits after all.

Grumble grumble, so much for any hope for the younger generation, not being whinny little asshats, who think they deserve everything handed to them.

Ok cya for real now i think,
i do i have one more post i want to make, but i am taking my time on it and might not get it out today.

So talk to you later.

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