Thursday, July 14, 2011

the wounders of the internets and the stupid people of the world.

So in my wonderful trip around the world of the interwebs today, i have come around a couple articles i would like to share with you.

First off, we start with Casey Anthony, oh but not the 25 year old white female Casey Anthony, that you all love oh so much ( er or did i mean hate? i forget the difference some times lol ), but no the 43-year-old black male from Darby, PA. Why am i talking about him? Because he has the unfortunate circumstance to have that name, along with his two sons,... why he named, not one but two kids after him i wont even get into. Since the the trial ended, and probably somewhat before it, Mister Anthony's Facebook has been flooded with messages and friend invites and the likes. His phone number was visible on his profile as well, and as such the phone calls started rolling in shortly after and has since had to start screening his call. He hasn't felt to threatened yet, so he hasn't gotten the police involved, but some message are on the verge of death threats i gather. If you are still wondering why i am telling you all this, it is because i have to wounder, what kinda of stupid does it take to mistake a 43 year old black man for a 25 year old white woman. Granted i haven't seen his Facebook, and maybe he doesn't have a  single image of him or something, but i highly doubt it. There are other ways to tell that this isn't the right Casey as well. Like he lives in Darby, PA and not Florida. Umm and oh yeah, Non of the other other information matches up either? What went thru their heads? Oh this is a black man from PA, and none of this information matches with the Casey Anthony from Florida..... SHE IS TRYING TO FOOL US!! BURN IT WITH FIRE FACEBOOK MESSAGES? I mean really, does anyone think before the knee jerk reaction kicks in? It is like faster the knee jerk, the lower the IQ or something. Part of me wants to blame this on Facebook, since i just don't like it lol, but honestly people where like this before it was around as well, i cant really. Facebook as just made it easier to be a fucking dumb ass. Ohhhh, maybe that can be their new slogan, "Facebook - We make it easier for you to be a dumbass!" haha. Anyways if you want the whole story and a news video about the guy, hit the link and check it out.

Now onto my other article, That isn't as stupid, at least to me. I just find it funny.
So if you new to the Internets, or don't dive to it simi deeper depths. You may never heard of the, pastafarianism, or the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Well three years ago, self-confessed atheist, Mr Alm, who says he belongs to the CotFSM ( it a lot to type out) decided to apply for a driver license, after reading that headgear was allowed in official pictures only for confessional reasons.The headgear in question you ask? A pasta strainer, yes the man wanted to wear a pasta strainer, what else would you wear? After 3 years and a mental health test, to see if he was fit to drive, the police finally allowed the man to hear his headgear in his picture. The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster has also wrote to the Kansas School Board asking for the pastafarian version of intelligent design to be taught to schoolchildren, as an alternative to the Christian theory. So what next for the Mr. Alm and the church you ask? he says the next step is to apply to the Austrian authorities for pastafarianism to become an officially recognized faith. I wish him luck, and hope to see the CotFSM views being thought in schools all over the place. To read the whole story, click the link and check it out.

Well that is all for now i guess i just found those really funny and or stupid enough to post about.

a birdkeeper.